I have a deep love for words…

And if you do too, you should subscribe to my blog! Not only will I be posting my own writing, I will also be putting up some of my favorite pieces written by professional authors and poets. Because who wants to read a high schooler’s average writing every day? Other than all of you English teachers out there, of course. I may also post some quotes or lyrics that speak to me. Who knows? For now, I’ll just be going with the flow. This blog is basically a Pinterest board of writing. Yeah, that’s a solid way of looking at it. I’m too much of a chicken to share my writing with people I know, so I thought why not throw it out into the cyber-verse and hope some strangers end up reading it. And you’re that stranger! Congratulations!

That’s it for now. If you’d like to know the basics about me, peep the About Me page!

Ttyl xox,