My writing

Love Like Bones

I have a love like bones
Both human and primitive,
It guides all that I do.
A secret mechanism
Lying beyond what the eye can see.

I have a love like bones,
Much like your own.
But mine has its own marks,
Its own dents and cracks.

My love like bones
Falters and breaks from time to time.
I can only ask it to do so much.
But I know in the end, it will all be alright.
My love never fails to mend.

My love like bones,
Dependable and strong,
Yet holds all that is dear so gently.
My friends, family, and passions,
Enveloped in its warm embrace.

This love like bones
Has hurt and healed.
It helps me bloom,
And grows as I do.

When times get tough,
I remind myself to ask,
Where would I be
Without this love like bones?


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