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13 Ways of Looking at Nighttime

This is a parody of the poem “13 Ways of Looking at a Black Bird” by Wallace Stevens.

Among twenty-two houses on Diamond Court,   
The only moving things   
Were my eyes searching the night sky.   

I was of a billion ideas,   
Like a sky   
In which there are a billion stars.   

The moon glistened in the vast sky.   
It was a small part of the universe.   

The sun and the moon   
Are one.   
The sun and the moon and the stars   
Are one.   

I do not know which to prefer,   
The allure of mysteries   
Or the thrill of fear,   
The darkness approaching   
Or the light receding.   

Waves crawled up the beach   
With coarse sand.   
The reflection of the moon   
Trembles on the water.   
The mood   
Flickering on the ocean
The imitation of a cause.   

O brave campers of Death Valley,   
Why do you imagine golden suns?   
Do you not see how the darkness
Shrouds the figures
Of the beasts about you?   

I know wicked scandals
And terrible, destructive secrets;   
But I know, too,   
That the night brings out
What I know.   

When the moon descended out of sight,   
It marked the end
Of one of many cycles.   

At the sight of the night sky  
Lifeless, without a single star,   
Even the jewel thieves
Would cry out sharply.   

They drove through California   
In a Toyota Camry.   
Once, wonder came over them,   
In that they mistook   
The stars in the sky
For constellations.   

The sun is sinking.   
Nighttime must be arriving.   

It was dark all morning.   
It was freezing  
And it was going to freeze.   
The moon hid
Behind thick, ominous clouds.


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